Our Story

Our Story

For nine generations we have grown coffee with love!

In 1860, the Aguiar family started growing coffee in Santo Antônio do Amparo, in the south of Minas Gerais. The history of Fazenda Semente begins to be written in the 1970s, when our father and grandfather Edmundo Coutinho Aguiar moved to Patrocínio, in the Cerrado Mineiro, taking with him the coffee tradition. The farm’s first coffee plantation covered an area of ​​24 hectares and was planted by his hands in 1988.

The coffee tradition is still with us, and nowadays the farm is administrated by Virgínia Coutinho Aguiar (Edmundo’s daughter) and her son and daughters José Lucas, Maria Vitória and Eugênia. A very dedicated family for what they do!

Over the years , we expanded the crops and joined new technologies and sustainable business management.

Today, we ally tradition and innovation to provide our consumers an unique coffee experience.

About the farm

Located in Patrocínio, in Alto Paranaíba’s region of Minas Gerais, Fazenda Semente is at an altitude of 950m in a privileged terroir for the cultivation of specialty coffees. There are more than one million coffee trees in 226 hectares of fully irrigated areas.

The farm cultivate varieties suited to the climatic, environmental and soil characteristics of Cerrado Mineiro’s region. Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Arara, Topázio and other types of 100% Arabica fruits guarantee scale of production, sensory standardization throughout the harvests and a sweet and full-bodied profile quite unique to the region.

The farm has been certified since 2016 with the international seals Rainforest Alliance, 4C, Nespresso, CAFÉ Practices and Cerrado Mineiro Region, the first Denomination of Origin for coffee in the world. It is the recognition of the daily work and the protocols maintained in detail with seriousness, constant training and respect for employees, partners and the environment.

Always innovative, Fazenda Semente participates in Educampo Café, a SEBRAE project aimed at an integrative technical, financial, agronomic and operational management for the implementation of efficient practices on the farm.

Our team

Cultivated varieties


Fazenda Semente adopts different processes of post-harvesting (Natural, Pulped Natural, Fermented and Honey process) in search for unique and surprising coffee lots. The coffee harvest is almost entirely mechanized with our own machines. Specific lots and microlots are selectively harvested to maximize the use of cherry fruits.

The post-harvest structure on the farm has a washing station with separation of cherry and green fruits, standard patios, suspended patios, four mechanical dryers, and all the necessary machines to do the coffee processing.

These diversity allows the quality team to create and experiment new microlots tests with  natural and fermented coffee, looking for an exotic coffee  with high quality. The farm uses high technologies in those processes to find the best batches of the drink.


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